Friday, November 11, 2011

messy, messy

OK, so I'm for sure the messiest scrapper that I know.
Don't believe me?
Take a look.........

the world's messiest desk!

my messy storage area.

I was talking with my friend Michelle tonight. And we decided that we both needed to clean our scrap rooms (although I'm certain that mine is far worse than hers). I'm giving myself until Sunday night to complete the task of getting my scraproom in order.

I will post pictures of the finished product on Monday!

I'm hoping that since I've posted these pictures on my new blog.....this will totally motivate me to get organized.

Have a great weekend :)


  1. I am pretty much a mess right now too. Don't feel bad! And I get to be your first follower! hee hee Hugs.....

  2. NICE MESS!! exactly why i have to purge a lot! lol

  3. Want me to take photos too?? It isn't that bad. I am with Julieann... we have to purge alot or do some massive amounts of crafty projects to use up our stash!!!

  4. I say that we do projects....I'm telling ya, pick one unfinished kit a month and just sit down and finish it!!!!

  5. I am glad you started a new blog Jessica! I love the design. I don't think it's THAT messy. Mine gets that bad when I'm doing my DT stuff.